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Longitudinal cutting is the precise cutting from reel to reel.

Our possibilities with the 6 CNC Longitudinal machines:

  • Lateral trimming of the mother or muster reels
  • Cutting of the muster reels into smaller strips
  • Winding of newly cut finished reels at the ratio of 1:1 or less
  • Re- batching from muster reels into smaller reels without lateral trimming

Dimensions of the mother or muster reel:

Reel width25 mm - 2520 mm
Reel circumferenceup to 1800 mm
Reel weightup to 2000 kg
Core diameter40 mm bis 400 mm
Material thickness (Materialspecific) 0,008 mm bis 15 mm
Cut width5 mm - 2500 mm

Dimensions of the finished reel:

Finished reel-core diameter50 mm - 400 mm
Finished reel diameterup to 1000 mm
Numbers out (depending on machine)1 - 30
Core inner diameter40 mm bis 400 mm
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