Schneideservice für Rollen und Bogen

Longitudinal cutting is the precise cutting from reel to reel.

Our possibilities with the 6 CNC Longitudinal machines:

  • Lateral trimming of the mother or muster reels
  • Cutting of the muster reels into smaller strips
  • Winding of newly cut finished reels at the ratio of 1:1 or less
  • Re- batching from muster reels into smaller reels without lateral trimming

Dimensions of the mother or muster reel:

Reel width 25 mm - 2630 mm
Reel circumference up to 1800 mm
Reel weight up to 4000 kg
Core diameter 40 mm bis 400 mm
Material thickness (Materialspecific) 0,008 mm bis 15 mm
Cut width 3 mm - 2600 mm

Dimensions of the finished reel:

Finished reel-core diameter 50 mm - 400 mm
Finished reel diameter up to 1000 mm
Numbers out (depending on machine) 1 - 34
Core inner diameter 40 mm bis 400 mm
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