Schneideservice für Rollen und Bogen

Cutting is not simply cutting.

Cutting is the fine art of precisely separating materials in predefined measurements with the minimal possible tolerance and least possible waste.

  • From reel material to precisely wound reel material
  • From reel material to precisely cut sheets
  • From sheet material to precision angle cut sheets

This is precision-based high technology. Such precision is only made possible by the use of modern computer-supported CNC high performance cutting equipment with permanent monitoring of the cutting and winding processes.

Principally we process all cut-able materials whose thickness ranges between approx. 0,008 – 15 mm The following belong in this category:

  • Paper
  • Hard- and Softfoil
  • Carbon- and all-glass fiber
  • Laminating foil
  • Laminate
  • Aluminium
  • Technical fabric
  • Self adhesive foils or similar materials

Cutting is the knowledge of what is feasible in the interaction between technology and material.

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