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Lösing Herford – your professional foil cutting service

If you work with pharmaceutical barrier foil, baking foil or monofilm and need a foil cutting service, look no further than Herford-based Lösing GmbH for your perfect partner. Cutting is at the heart of what we do and, for us, cutting foil is more than just work – it’s our passion.

What types of foil do we cut?

There are many different types of foil, and we offer foil cutting services for both hard and soft foils, depending on your needs. The main component of the foil varies depending on the type. In addition to cutting both plastic and metal foils, it also goes without saying that our cutting services also cover composite foil and self-adhesive foils.

As a general rule, our foil cutting services are suitable for foils ranging from 0.007 to 1.300 millimetres thick. The extent to which we can cut your foil also depends on the type. Every foil has its own specifications, and these play an integral part in our work processes. Please be aware, for example, that it is not possible to cut flexible foil with a thickness of 0.007 millimetres. We can, however, offer our cutting services for rigid foils of this thickness. We don’t just cut the foil either, we can also carry out further downstream processing for you. Of course, it goes without saying that we re-roll both rigid and flexible foils for you right after the cutting process for effortless further processing.

Our foil cutting process

The cutting process we use in our foil cutting service depends on the type of foil and your requirements. If you need narrow rolls from a width of 5 millimetres, we use our re-rolling process for cutting EFA foils and various other foil types. This process involves the complete unrolling, cutting and rewinding of your foil. The technical term for the process is roll-to-roll cutting. We use circular blades to ensure a clean cut. The cutting process involves a lower and upper blade making a clean cut through the foil. The results really do speak for themselves: a high-quality cut and a consistent width throughout the roll.

Cutting foil into shapes and strips

If you don’t require rolls or the material cannot be rolled or wound, we can cut the foil into strips or shapes. We refer to this multi-step process as cutting from roll-to-sheet or roll-to-shape. To create a right-angled shape, we first cut the foil from the roll in large format. We then use the guillotine process to create the desired shapes and strips in the required dimensions. The final step involves packing up the foil sheets in line with your specifications.

Rolling the foil

Rolling is an important part of our foil cutting service, as it makes the cut foil easier to store and transport. You can decide on the size of the cardboard or plastic core when placing your order, as well as choose from multiple thicknesses for the internal diameter of the cardboard core from the options of 50, 70, 76, 150, 152 or 200 millimetres. All foil cut by us has its own, cleanly cut cardboard core to ensure the strips and tapes are easy to work with.

Precision is our speciality

If you choose us as your foil cutting partner, you know you can always count on guaranteed precise results. Our cutting processes ensure the very best quality without putting your material under unnecessary stress during cutting. We ensure minimal tolerances and an exact angle cut when cutting tapes and shapes.

Learn more about our services and make us your specialist cutting partner today.

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