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Lösing-Herford – the aluminium foil cutting specialists

If your company processes aluminium foil or silver paper and needs a partner for cutting aluminium foil, look no further than Lösing GmbH. Our entire business revolves around cutting, and cutting aluminium foil is one of our specialities.

All about aluminium foil

Aluminium foil, also known as tin foil or silver paper, is a thin foil made from aluminium. The raw material is rolled until the foil has a thickness of just 0.004 to 0.500 millimetres. The gas and air-tight foil is then heat treated, making it especially flexible and soft. Aluminium foil is often mistakenly called tin foil when, in actual fact, tin foil is made of tin and doesn’t contain any aluminium at all. Aluminium foil is usually manufactured from pure aluminium with a minimum aluminium content of 99%. The material is processed to the correct thickness using the double-roll procedure. The benefit of using two rollers is that each side of the foil ends up with a different surface finish: one shiny, one matte. The shiny surface is fed through a sanded roller, eliminating even the smallest defects or bumps on the foil.

Aluminium foil is best known for its use in the food sector, but it can also be found in medicine, construction, car manufacturing and electrical engineering.

How we cut aluminium foil

We always cut aluminium foil in line with our customers’ requirements. We are able to cut the foil from a thickness of 0.07 mm on tapes, rolls or into shapes before winding it. The harder the raw material, the better quality the cutting result.

If you require narrow rolls from a thickness of ten millimetres, we turn to our re-rolling process. This involves first unwinding the aluminium foil into a flat sheet and then cutting it. Our cutting machine is not only fitted with circular blades and controlled via CNC, it also has both an upper and lower blade for a superior cutting result. We then follow your specifications to roll the cut tapes and spools onto cardboard cores of your chosen interior diameter.

Cutting aluminium foil into strips or shapes

If you need strips or shapes rather than tape, we use a different process. We insert a layer of paper between the cutting edges when cutting aluminium foil to prevent them from sticking together. If you require right-angled shapes, we first cut the large shapes directly from the roll and then use our guillotine to trim them to the required shape or strip dimensions. We call this process roll-to-sheet or roll-to-shape cutting. In a final step, we roll the cut shapes back onto cardboard cores.

A cutting service that’s sure to impress

Once you’ve made the decision to count on us with your aluminium foil, we are confident that you will be impressed with the results. We work with a maximum tolerance range of ±0.1 millimetres and guarantee that your requirements and specifications will always be our number-one priority. Contact us today via telephone or email for your personalised quote. We look forward to working with you soon.

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