Schneideservice für Rollen und Bogen

Coating and laminating, delaminating and liner exchange, corona treatment

Coating and laminating

Employing a re-batching process two products are cold fused; using only pressure. This means no liquid adhesive is applied. With coating, for example, a self adhesive foil can be furnished with backing paper on the adhesive side. With laminating, a protective foil is applied to another product.

Delaminating and Liner exchange

During delaminating the base material is removed. Usually the liner exchange takes place in conjunction with this process which means that a new base material is applied.

Foil pre-handling by means of Corona - Equipment:

The Corona treatment is the most frequently used form of surface treatment. By means of this finishing process the polarity of the surface is increased and the wettability and chemical affinity distinctly improved. Only after such treatment is, for instance, printing on foil made possible.

Longitudinal cutting equipment and an infrared heating unit make additional processes in the same operation possible.

Dimensions of the Mother - reels

Reel widthup to 1600 mm
Reel circumferenceup to 1000 mm
Reel weightup to 1000 kg
Reel diameter completed reel up to 800 mm

The Finishing process visualized in a strip

Kindly look at the following site to see exemplified explained the finishing-process…

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