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Technical textile cutting at Lösing Herford

Our custom cutting service covers a wide range of products, which of course includes technical textiles. We also cut these materials into rolls, shapes and strips, offering you the impeccable service you can always expect from our company. As the term technical textiles covers various materials, we always adapt our cutting service to suit the respective technical textile. We cut the textiles according to the requirements of the rewinding process, using circular cutters in the form of upper and lower blades.

So what are technical textiles?

As outlined above, technical textiles acts as an umbrella term for a whole host of different materials. Technical textiles include specially coated fabrics, such as glass, PE or polyester fabrics. As a general rule, any textiles that are coated with plastic or resin on at least one side can be called technical textiles. Probably the best-known example of these in day-to-day life is truck tarpaulin. Each fabric has its own different cutting requirements, but it goes without saying that we are very well acquainted with these and always take them into consideration in our work. The way we work means you can always count on us to deliver your high-quality raw materials undamaged and cut to exact dimensions on rolls or sheets, ready for immediate further processing as required.

The way we go about cutting technical textiles

We base our general cutting framework on your raw material and the information you provide regarding how it will subsequently be used. Your end products are at the front of our minds in everything we do. If you would like us to cut into rolls and tapes, we turn to our re-rolling process. In this cutting technique, the technical textile is unwound in one operation, cut to the desired widths with upper and lower blades and then rewound again after cutting. You can choose between different roll outer diameters as well as cardboard core inner diameters, meaning you can always count on receiving an end product that’s ideal for downstream processing. Our cutting machines are based on CNC programming, which guarantees optimum winding quality. What’s more, our facility is also capable of cutting and winding technical textiles with thicknesses ranging from 30 g to 1300 g per square metre.

If you require shapes or sheets from the technical textile, cutting on our cross cutters is the ideal solution. Here, we start by cutting the textile either directly into the required shape or, if an exact angle cut is required – for example, for printing – by using our guillotine in a second step to trim it to the desired shape.

Winding technical textiles after cutting

To facilitate transport and further processing for our customers, our custom cutting service also includes the option of winding to your chosen length or packaging the cut rolls in various formats, such as individually in foil. For winding, you can choose from various cardboard cores for rolling up the technical fabric. These cardboard cores come in standard inner diameters of 50, 70, 76, 150, 152 or 200 millimetres. However, if you need a core in a different format then we will of course be happy to take your specifications on board and check whether your chosen dimensions are technically possible.

Your professional partner for cutting technical textiles

Every company has its core areas of expertise – yours and ours are no exceptions. This is exactly why we would be delighted to take charge of cutting of your technical textiles and offer you a professional cutting service like no other. Our custom cutting is based on CNC, which means we can always guarantee you the best results with maximum precision. Depending on your chosen material, our tolerance is just ±0.2 millimetres, regardless of which cutting method is used for your technical textile. Contact us today and put your technical textiles in the hands of professionals. Our company headquarters are located in the German town of Herford, directly between the A2 and A30 motorways, which means it couldn’t be easier to drop off and collect your materials.

Contact us today – we would be delighted to put together a personalised quote.

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