Schneideservice für Rollen und Bogen

Our cutting service for carbon-fibre tape and carbon fibre

If you work with carbon fibre and are looking for a professional cutting service to take on your carbon-fibre cutting requirements, look no further than Lösing GmbH and benefit from our finesse and extensive experience of working with carbon-fibre-reinforced materials.

What is carbon fibre?

Carbon fibre is a synthetic material reinforced with carbon fibres. The fibres are embedded in the polymer matrix directly, allowing the entire material to withstand very high stresses. For the industrial manufacture of carbon fibre, materials containing carbon are transformed using thermal processes in such a way that their composition becomes similar to graphite. To use these fibres in practical applications, they are integrated into a mesh known as carbon-fibre tape. Carbon tape or carbon-fibre tape offers a whole host of advantages. This reinforced tape is incredibly light and has high tensile strength, making it capable of withstanding intense stress.

Our carbon cutting process

Our cutting service is always focused on the end product. We use the re-rolling process for tasks involving cutting the carbon-fibre tape into narrow rolls or tape. To achieve this, we completely unroll the flat sheet, cut it with the upper and lower circular blades, and finally roll the material back up. Cutting from roll to roll is particularly suitable for tape and roll widths of 6.35, 12, 25 and 75 millimetres. Of course, we also use our CNC-controlled circular blades in the re-rolling process to ensure optimum cut quality and an even cutting width.

Cutting carbon fibre into shapes and strips

If the required format includes a right-angled shape, we first cut the carbon fibre tape from a roll into large individual shapes before calibrating the cutting machine to the required shape. We call this process roll-to-sheet or roll-to-shape cutting.

Winding the carbon fibre after cutting

Our customers have the choice of two coil sizes for winding up carbon fibre tape. As a general rule, we wind each cut tape on its own cardboard core, which can have a diameter of either 3 or 6 inches. We of course offer our customers the option to provide their own winding specifications, which includes changing the dimensions of the cardboard cores if required.

Have a professional cut your carbon fibre

For the best results when cutting carbon fibre, you need a professional. We are the perfect choice for clean, straight and professional carbon-fibre tape cutting. Our CNC cutting service guarantees maximum precision with an average tolerance of ±0.1 millimetres. We’d love to be your custom-cutting partner for all future cutting projects. You can find our premises in the heart of Herford, situated right between the A2 and A30 motorways.

Get in touch today so we can start helping with your carbon-fibre cutting projects.

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