Schneideservice für Rollen und Bogen

Our Services for you:

Accurate deadlines, Precision – exactly to the micrometer – due to perfect processing. To round off our cutting service we additionally offer:

  • EDP- supported deadline planning as well as PDA - software
  • EDP- supported order tracking (optional)
  • EAN- 128 standard barcode labeling.
  • Storage of your cut materials until the targeted release date with integration of logistics in your production flow. (optional)

Our competent team of experts actively attends to your interests. The structural flow of our company insures that your order remains constantly present and visible. Even the transportation of your cut materials from receiving to storage or delivery is carried out by High-End ground conveyors equipped with scales and scanners.

In addition to this we offer:

  • Packaging in PE foil or wrapping paper individually coordinated with your product.
  • Corner-rounding of your sheet goods.

We work ecologically aware and compatible:

First of all we insure that a minimum of or no waste material occurs. This is achieved by our use of modern computer-based production. If however, some waste should occur, we attend to it using waste separation and disposal by certified companies for optimal results.

As you can see. Responsibility does not simply end for us at the end of an order.

Lösing GmbH
Werrestraße 76a
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