Schneideservice für Rollen und Bogen

Custom cutting – we cut your materials just the way you want them

We are there for you as a service provider. We specialise in custom cutting and have perfected our craft over many years to ensure we consistently provide reliable solutions for all cutting requirements. But that’s not to say we limit ourselves to individual cutting services; we know that every material calls for a different cutting technique, which is something we take into account on our custom cutting projects.

Custom cutting of films, laminate and other materials

Our cutting facility is where we carry out the most common cutting techniques, including longitudinal cutting, guillotine cutting and cross-cutting. If the material supplied to us is a self-adhesive film or other soft material, we start by trimming the material to the required dimensions using the cut-off method. We always take the time to discuss every last detail of your order with you before we start the custom cutting process, including to which format the films should be cut and what packaging is required. Our service also includes winding paper, films and non-woven fabrics into rolls, which makes them more manageable for subsequent transport and further processing. Determining the inner diameter of the roll cores is, of course, also down to you.

The cutting facility for finishing films

Many materials can only be processed into independent goods once they have been shaped in a certain way. In many companies, however, this option does not exist or else would represent a level of effort disproportionate to the scope of the project. For this reason, custom cutting is always associated with the finishing of foils, aluminium-paper composites, carbon fibre or laminate. The raw materials – that is, the uncut formats – are trimmed to the required size through our custom cutting process and can then be processed further with ease.

Your cutting centre in Herford

If you would like any further information relating to custom cutting or the opportunity to discuss an order, you can get in touch any time by phone or by email. We will be more than happy to put together a quote for your custom cutting project including all customisation requirements in no time. We are located right in the heart of Germany in the town of Herford, which is nestled between the A2 and A30 motorways. This puts us in an ideal spot close to some of Germany’s main transport links, meaning it couldn’t be easier for you to pay us a visit. Get in touch today and we can chat about outsourcing your material cutting needs to us as your reliable custom cutting partner.

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