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Lösing Herford – the expert cutting service for non-woven fabrics

If your company is big on non-wovens and non-woven fabrics, it’s important to be able to count on a professional cutting service that knows exactly what matters when it comes to this kind of material. Lösing GmbH is your partner for all aspects of cutting non-woven fabrics. Our many years of experience, our knowledge and our professional approach guarantee excellent cutting results every time.

What are non-woven fabrics?

Non-wovens fabrics are flat materials consisting of fibres that can be limited or even infinite in length. In addition, non-wovens also consist of yarns that are spun into a fibrous web. It is important to differentiate between woven and knitted materials. Non-woven fabrics never have crossed or intertwined fibres. Likewise, non-wovens are not to be confused with films or papers. The advantage of non-wovens is that they are textile fabrics that are very flexible while still being strong and stable. As a general rule, these fabrics are made of the plastics PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene) or PET (polyethylene telephthalate).

The range of different non-woven properties make them a popular choice in various fields of application. Since several plastics can be used in the production process, it is possible to adapt the non-woven fabric in the perfect way to suit its subsequent use. Non-wovens are commonly found in the hygiene sector, in medicine, in the clothing industry, vehicle construction, electrical engineering and the packaging industry, where they are always in constant use. In the private sector, non-woven materials are perhaps best known in the form of reusable shopping bags.

What non-woven materials can we cut for you?

First and foremost, it is you – our customer – who decides what non-wovens we cut for you. Our machines allow cutting from a weight of 25 grams per square metre, and the weight per unit area plays a major role during cutting and subsequent winding. If you are unsure whether your non-woven fabric meets our cutting requirements, you are welcome to contact us at any time. Often it is not only the weight per square metre but also the properties of the material that determine its suitability for cutting: PET fleece, for example, is significantly stronger despite having the same grammage as PE fleece.

Cutting non-woven fabrics into narrow rolls and tapes

The process we use for our non-woven cutting service depends entirely on your requirements. If you order the fabric on narrow rolls with a width of 40 millimetres or more, we use the re-rolling process. This involves the web being first unwound and then cut with circular blades in the next step. We then roll up the non-woven again once the cutting process is complete. In the re-rolling process, we use circular cutters with top and bottom blades to guarantee impeccable cutting quality and a constant web width for you.

If your project calls for narrower strips, we tend to use the cut-off method. This is where the roll to be cut rotates and is cut to the desired width using a rigid circular blade. The cut-off method can be used for rolls and tapes with a maximum diameter of 40 centimetres.

Once the cutting process is complete, we wind the individual tapes in line with your specifications and offer roll cores with different inner diameters for this purpose. We can generally offer you the following dimensions:

  • 50 mm
  • 70 mm
  • 76 mm
  • 150 mm
  • 152 mm
  • 200 mm

Each strip cut in our cutting service is given its own cardboard core.

Cutting non-woven fabrics into shapes and strips

The process of cutting strips or shapes is more complex with non-woven fabrics. If you require rectangular shapes for further processing, we start by cutting the non-wovens from the roll into a larger shape, which basically means we take the material from the roll and cut it into a new shape/sheet. In the second step, we turn our attention to the large shape and use the guillotine cutting process to make it the size you need. The final product can be a shape or a strip.

Why should you choose us to cut your non-woven materials?

Our cutting service is characterised by many years of experience, especially when it comes to cutting non-wovens. We always work with the highest level of precision when cutting into strips, shapes or sheets to guarantee you a result with a tolerance range of ±1 millimetre. We proceed just as carefully with the subsequent winding process. Our winding takes place under constant tension, which places virtually zero stress on the material.

Decide on the right cutting service for you

With us, your non-woven fabrics are in the best possible hands. Contact us today and we’ll put together a personalised quote based on your requirements. It also couldn’t be easier to deliver your non-woven fabrics to our site: our prime location between the motorway junctions in Herford means delivery and collection of your cut non-wovens can be carried out in no time.

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