Schneideservice für Rollen und Bogen

Lösing Cutting Service processes a vast range of materials

You can recognise a really good cutting service because it always has the right answer to any processing request regardless of the material or technique involved. As such, the range of materials we can process is truly vast. The following information on the materials we handle shows you that this is where we are "at home" in every respect. For many of them, we not only hold "general" certification but have also been awarded special certification by our customers. Simply ask us if you have any particular material you would like us to cut for you.

We process the following materials in thicknesses from approx. 0.008 - 15 mm:

  • Paper
  • Hard foil
  • Soft foil
  • Laminate
  • Aluminium
  • Technical fabrics
  • Self-adhesive foil or similar materials
  • Carbon fibre (also known as carbon fibre tape)
  • Coated glass fabrics
  • Aluminium/paper composites
  • Monofoils such as
  • PP/PVC/PET and similar materials PP/PE/PES nonwovens



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