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Trust Lösing Herford to cut your paper

Paper is one of the materials with the most versatile fields of application and, for you as a processing company, it presents you with the tricky question of where to get your paper cut properly. We at Lösing GmbH are your partner for all things relating to professional cutting services. We would be delighted to be responsible for cutting your paper to size in the future and look forward to showing you exactly what we can do.

Paper in the spotlight

The paper that we know today consists primarily of cellulose fibres that are just a few millimetres or centimetres long. During the paper production process, the cellulose fibres are exposed to mix the cellulose with water, resulting in a pulp that can then be screened. Moving on to the draining process, the pulp – now freed from water – is moved back and forth so that the fibres lie on top of and against each other to form a thin sheet of paper. Once dried, the surface is treated with cellulose, starch or polyvinyl alcohol to close the pores.

The areas of application for paper are almost endless. If the paper has a high tensile strength, it can be used as craft paper. This consists of long cellulose fibres from coniferous woods, and robust paper sacks are also usually made from this material. Filter papers are used in aeroplanes, vehicles and household appliances. Other types of paper can be used for cable insulation or in the medical sector. A huge field of application is, of course, the market for printing and writing products.

How we cut paper and paper sheets into rolls and tapes

Generally speaking, we are able to cut paper from a weight of approx. 20 grams per square metre. The stronger the paper is, the easier it is to cut and wind the base material.

For cutting to rolls and tapes we already offer roll widths of 10 millimetres. We rely on the rewinding process to offer you excellent results, which involves the flat web being unrolled, cut, and rewound again in the same step. We also call this process roll-to-roll cutting. The circular cutters we use feature an upper and lower blade that work in tandem to produce a clean cutting result.

How we cut paper and paper sheets

When it comes to producing sheets and shapes, we first have to cut the paper from the roll into a larger, rectangular format. The next step involves the guillotine cutting process, which produces the sheet format you require. For all other cutting techniques, we are able to cut the paper directly from the roll into the desired shape.

Once the cutting process is complete, we wind the rolls and tapes onto cardboard cores. These cores feature bespoke inner diameters to suit your own specific requirements. Each tape is given its own cardboard core, which makes it easier for you to process and transport the cut paper.

It goes without saying, of course, that our tolerance range for cutting the paper is as low as it gets. In fact, our CNC-controlled cutting machines guarantee you a result that approximates your chosen format with a tolerance of ±0.2 millimetres depending on the material properties. We even take the exact same care when winding. Our machines guarantee an even tension ratio so that the paper is not stressed and the cut edges remain straight and lint-free.

Let us take care of your cutting requirements

We know how to cut paper. Situated right between two major motorway junctions in the heart of Germany, we are the partner you need when it comes to cutting paper. Call or email us today for a personalised quote. It would be our pleasure to go through your expectations of perfectly cut paper and start demonstrating our quality.

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