Schneideservice für Rollen und Bogen

The Lösing environmental concept is exemplary.

Our new factory buildings, completed in 2013 and 2014, were constructed according to the 2013 Energy Saving Guidelines. The 2014 Energy Saving Amendment (EnEV 2014) of 21 November 2013 is also applied in the most recent areas of the enterprise.

  • 70% of the electricity we use is produced from our own regenerative sources.
  • Our electricity is produced by two latest-generation block heating and generating plants and a photovoltaic array.
  • All windows are triple-glazed.
  • All external walls and the roof are effectively insulated.
  • The lighting in the production buildings is sensor-controlled by daylight levels.

This environmental concept saves us approx. 600 t CO2 each year.

Lösing Cutting Service is environmentally friendly.

We aim to avoid waste wherever possible. Thorough planning assumes minimal waste, particularly from the cost-consciousness point of view. We advise our customers accordingly. And any waste produced is sent to a certified recycling process.

As you can see, we are extremely cost-conscious and that works to your advantage.

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