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Cross cutting is the precision cutting of sheets from a reel.

2 CNC Cross cut machines ensure a prompt delivery. Optionally each cutting machine can process up to 4 reels simultaneously. In this process the reels are set up one behind the other in the machine. ree programmable digital counters adopt the specified sheet length and furthermore register the number of sheets cut. The calculated cutting point for each sheet is arrived at automatically and the cut is made across the width of the reel. In the second operation we can make precise angular cuts up to a dimension of 1550 mm x 1550 mm and thus specify a dimensional tolerance of +/- 0, 3 mm.

The Lösing specialty:

Our rotating cross cutters not only process your materials at extremely high speeds, they automatically insert counting tabs. Printed materials can be cross cut in accordance with the registration markings.

Dimension of the mother or muster reels:

Reel width100 mm - 2100 mm
Reel diameterup to 1450 mm
Reel weightup to 2000 kg
Core-Inner diameter40 mm - 400 mm
Material thickness 0,05 mm - 3 mm

Dimensions of the receiving sheet:

Reel width100 mm - 2100 mm
Reel lengthcontinuous up to 5000 mm
Length tolerancebis +/- 0,1 mm
Destacking heightup to approx. 1300 mm
Register marksfor example every 100 units
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